Cat Phone Cases: Special Edition

I know I’m supposed to be talking about hidden litter boxes and cat furniture …But I just couldn’t help myself… Sorry I’m not sorry.

I recently came back from a trip to Seoul (that’s in South Korea) and I cannot get over the fashion there. It was amazing. No seriously. Amazing. Everyone looks good. Everyone.

And everyone has the most up-to-date smartphones and adorable phone cases. Especially cat phone cases. I’m obsessed. And I’ve scoured the web to find the absolute best phone cases. You’re welcome.

Cat Phone Case: iPhone 5/5s

i Phone 5 caseDon’t even get me started with this adorable phone case. It’s $13.99 right now on Amazon. They have other designs, too. Some cats, some not.

I like this one because it’s low key. It’s not like some of the cray cray ones where the ears stick out. Like how does that fit in your pocket?

I mean, if you’re the kind of chick who can rock a phone case with literally a cat fastened to the back—more power to you!




Cat Phone Case: iPhone 4 /4 G / 4S

Black iPhone 4 Cat CaseOh wait… Here is one of those wild cat-stuck-to-the-back cases I mentioned earlier.

This cat phone case can also be purchased on Amazon for $6.39 — at the time I am writing this.

The cover is soft and made from silicon.

Personally, I’m not sure if I have the right style for this. Plus, I’m getting a little bit old for such a flashy design.

Would you rock an iPhone case like this? (Let me know in the comments below!)


Cat Phone Case: Galaxy S4 S IV i9500

Black 3D Galaxy CaseDon’t worry Android users — I got you. (As a matter of fact, I am an Android user myself.)

This phone is taking it to a whole other level, though. It’s not only 3D, it’s also furry. And has a tail. Mind blown.

You can also score this phone case on Amazon for only $4.51 as I am writing.

Check it out if you’re into flashy and furry.


Cat Phone Case: Galaxy S3 SIII i9300

Galaxy 3 Cat CaseTaking it back to simple, check out this hipster cat Galaxy phone case.

Time of writing this, it’s only $2.50 on Amazon. What… ::jaw drops:: .. If I had a Galaxy, maybe I’d buy several. Because, you know, as backups.






Cat Phone Case: HTC One

Maine Coon Phone CaseOkay, I saved the best for last. Why? Because I have an HTC One phone. And this phone case has my cat on the back! Not literally my cat, but a Maine Coon. And I have two Maine Coons. So life is awesome.

You can also score this phone case on Amazon for $8.45.

It may be more than some of the others, but for me it’s worth every penny.



So my fellow cat ladies, which case was your favorite? Do you have a cat phone case of your own? Tell me in the comments below!

And if you saw a phone case that you KNOW your BFF would LOVE — do me a favor and pass this article to him/her. Because sharing is caring :)


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