Contemporary Cat Furniture

Let’s take a break from talking about hidden litter boxes and recognize all the amazing contemporary cat furniture available on the market.

Some of the furniture I have seen will without question cause you to drop your jaw. Let’s take a look.

Contemporary Cat Furniture: Shelves And Wall Mounts

Obviously cats love to sit up high. But now instead of jumping onto your refrigerator, your cats can lounge on this Refined Feline cat cloud. This cat cloud can actually hold up to 70 pounds, making it a purrrrrfect fit for more than one feline friend.

Another fabulous wall mount for your cat is this Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree.

Special Shelf For Cats

It goes a step beyond the Refined Feline cloud above and actually incorporates shelves. Just make sure you don’t keep anything valuable in the shelves! If your cats are anything like mine, all of the contents will quickly fall to the ground. Here’s a better photo, where you can see how the shelf fits into the living room.

Contemporary Cat Furniture: Cat Beds

Cat on a modern bed

The PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is a combination bed-scratch post. It’s not your grandmother’s scratch post.

Contemporary and chic! Not only will your cat love this, so will you.

Here’s another cat bed—but much more secretive and hidden. Kind of like the litter boxes in disguise…

Cat Bed Built In Cabinet

Can’t you see your cats hiding away in something like this?

As far as contemporary design goes, this piece found on Etsy probably is my favorite.

Green Contemporary Cat Bed

It’s only $89 dollars, too. For a custom design, that’s a steal. I don’t own this piece, but the reviews on Etsy are fabulous. My only worry with this product, though, is the “vintage avocado-green drapery fabric, a cotton-synthetic damask weave with an abstract textured pattern.” 

I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little flimsy to me. My cats would easily tear right through some vintage fabric…like they’ve done to so much else in my house!

While I love, love, love the design of this cat bed, I think it looks like it would be best for timid cats. Or those that are declawed.

Contemporary Cat Furniture: Splurge

Let’s face the facts: our cats are basically the most important things in our lives. Case in point: I’ve had my cats longer than any relationship in my life…

Anyways, if you enjoy spoiling your cat — listen up.

You can get this kitty condo on sale for $329.  Or, wait, better yet this luxury cat bed (pictured below) for just over $500!

High End Cat Bed

Do you think spending over $500 on a cat bed is worth it? (Let me know in the comments!)

But if this isn’t up to par with your standards, check out this French company that specializes in “design for humans and pets.” I can’t even imagine what one of those items would set one back. (There’s no price tags on the site. That’s how you KNOW it’s expensive!)

The website itself looks pricey! But, hey, if you have the money… Still, I think it’d be better to settle on a lower-cost cat bed (like $100) and give the difference ($400) to an animal shelter.

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