FroliCat BOLT Laser Cat Toy: Review

My two cats are obsessed with the FroliCat BFroliCat Laser ToyOLT Interactive Laser. They can and do chase the laser beam around for hours on end.

The problem? We use it like a normal laser pointer. Nothing about it is interactive. We could have purchased an ordinary laser at the dollar store to achieve the same effect. Let me give you the backstory.

The FroliCat BOLT Laser Was a Gift

For starters, we never went out and bought this laser for our cats. It was gift. Well, not technically.

A family friend bought the laser toy for her cat. However, unfortunately, the cat was not amused and never chased the beam. With no use of the FroliCat BOLT laser, she gave it over to us.

The FroliCat BOLT Laser Was Dropped

Shortly after we brought the laser home, it was dropped. And it stopped working.

To clarify—the laser still worked. But, the “interactive” part did not. So I’ve never even used the laser in an interactive way.

Regardless of how much my cats enjoy chasing the laser beam, it’s a shame the product couldn’t last through a drop on the floor. 

Far From Stellar Amazon Reviews

If you sift through FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser reviews on Amazon, you can see that not everyone sings its praises. In fact, lots of people comment that the BOLT stopped working shortly after purchase. One person even said after two months the laser gave out.

Some other people agree, like our family friend, that their pet was disinterested. Of course there are others who rave about the laser, claiming their pet stays occupied for hours on end.

Cat playing with laser toyI wish I could keep my cats occupied for countless hours — but who has time to move a laser beam around the room for that amount of time?

Should You Buy The FroliCat BOLT Laser Toy?

I have to admit that this laser has worked miracles with our cats. If there is ever a moment when we want to get the cats out of a certain room, or into a certain room, using the laser to show them the way has been a total life saver.

I am sure if the FroliCat BOLT laser was working to its fullest potential, it would have been a good buy. Oh wait.. we never actually bought it! Still, I mean worth the twenty bucks.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you be the judge. Say you purchase the FroliCat BOLT laser. Perhaps you get to distract your pet for hours. On the other hand, you buy it and it breaks. Or they don’t care for it.

Compared  to other cat toys on the market, it’s not too pricey. Then again, my cats still love to play with their chewed up mouse that cost less than three dollars. Cats are unpredictable. And that’s why we love them.

To check out all there is to say about the FroliCat BOLT laser, check out Amazon.

Cat and Laser GIF