Hidden Litter Box Furniture (Part 2)

In an earlier post I discussed some chic options to disguise your litter box in furniture. Let’s take it up a notch.

Contemporary Table / Litter Box

Hidden Litter Box TableModern Cat Designs is a terrific website for the modern feline owner. They have three hidden litter box furniture options for sale. My favorite, though, is their Large Litter Box Hider.

Even if I didn’t have a cat, I’d still use it as a table or storage.

They claim it can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes. Nonetheless, I have to scoff at that. If I were tasked with putting that hidden litter box together, it would probably take closer to two hours.

In any case, this litter hider comes equipped with two large swinging doors and a solid top shelf as a way to create some level of functionality.

(You can also buy this product on Amazon. Keep in mind, it is a bit pricier at over $300.)

Multipurpose Litter Box / Condo / Scratch Post

Multipurpose Hidden Litter BoxAnother hidden litter box I found  interesting is the Multipurpose Cat Litter Box Condo. It is multipurpose as a scratching post, litter box and kitty condo.

This one is less expensive than the previous table-like cat box at about $120.

The lid on the top comes off, which makes for an easy clean. The litter box also comes in a range of colors (as shown to the left).

It may not be as chic as some of the other options, but it’s certainly practical.

My cats love scratching at anything they can get their paws on … Unfortunately my legs sometimes! Having a hidden litter box like this, with a scratch pad built in, would be a total lifesaver.


Nightstand Litter Box Enclosure

Litterbox NightstandThis nightstand works perfectly for a cat or dog alike. It can be a place where your pet gets some shuteye right by your side. Or perhaps the secret place you can perfectly stow away your litter box.

However, this convenient cubby doesn’t have to be right next to your bed. It can also be put in a washroom, or anywhere really.

Crafted from fir wood, this hidden litter box is sure to please.

Click here to find out more!


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