Litter Box Furniture: A Purrfect Disguise

We all love our feline friends. But their litter boxes? Not so much.

Want to hide your embarrassing litter box? Here are some furniture options and other tips to revamp your home or apartment experience, all while keeping your feline friend appeased.

Litter Box Furniture: Cabinets And Tables

This is a fabulous litter box and cabinet combination where you can actually keep your cat supplies in the top drawer. There’s also a nifty little side-door that your fuzzy friend can crawl through. It’s a perfect for disguise for your litter box.

Want to take it up a level? Check out this Designer Catbox.

This stylish litter box has an interior panel with a staggered entrance to prevent litter from being kicked outside the box. Moreover, the outer hole can be set up on the right or left side — so you can keep it hidden from guests. This litter box is so chic, one would never even realize it’s for a cat.

Perhaps you are looking for something more simple-minded. If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with with Pet Litter Loo Litter Box Cover.

This simple yet stylish end table hides the litter pan. It’s also made with Eco FLEX, an eco-friendly and durable composite material that is non toxic, non absorbent and easy to clean. Purrfect! Even better, The Litter Loo requires no maintenance and is easy to assemble.

More Litter Box Furniture: Bench

Aside from disguising a cat box in a cabinet or side table, you can also opt for a bench.
Like this cat washroom bench. Its large design allows for extra storage room: keep your kitty litter, scooper and so forth right inside.

Hide Your Litter Box In A Plant

I don’t know about you, but my cats love getting into trouble in our indoor plants. This plant-litter box duo looks perfect in my mind. It is disguised in a clay pot. Even better—it’s affordable.

Conceal Your Cat Box In A Tent

Okay… so it’s not exactly furniture. Still, this low-cost option brought to you by LitterMaid is an effective way to hide your litter box and provide your cat with some privacy. This tent unzips for easy access and is made with waterproof vinyl, making it an easy clean with just soapy water.

Perhaps you desire a more authentic, camping-like tent. Don’t worry—we have you covered!

Check out the Sport Pet Designs Cat Privacy Tent.

Talk about a camping experience. This tent gives your cat the privacy it deserves. It fits most standard-sized litter boxes and had a mesh top for ventilation. Even better, it can fold flat when it’s not in use.

DIY Options

Maybe you don’t have the money to buy a special litter box for your feline pal. Luckily, there are some awesome DIY litter box furniture alternatives. All you need is your creativity and maybe a toolbox. For instance, check out this Apartment Therapy instructions on how to hide a litter box inside a bookcase.

For more insights on DYI litter box furniture methods, there is an entire Buzzfeed article with fun and simple ideas.

Want to see more creative ideas on how to conceal your litter box? Visit me on Pinterest!

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